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Eye Care Services

Zebrowski Eye Care // Services

Providing Your Eye Care Services For Over Fifteen Years in Grapevine, Texas

Whether youre looking for new prescription glasses or need specialized care, Zebrowski Eye Care will provide comprehensive medical eye care for our patients. We are your one-stop solution if you look for eye care and prescription glasses in Grapevine, Texas.

Eyeglass And Contact Lens Prescriptions

Optimize your vision to its best potential with the most advanced eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions by our eye specialists. In addition, you can discuss your unique lifestyle needs, and our team will accommodate you accordingly.

Specialty Contact Lenses

We have the most advanced lens technology to expand your vision and replace your need for everyday glasses. In addition, we offer our clients an extensive range of high-end retail eyewear.

Treatment Of Most Eye Infections And Diseases

We offer prompt treatments that help clear up some of the most common eye infections and diseases. In addition, we highlight brilliance in eye care and take pride in treating people of all ages with the latest operating equipment and practices.

Diabetic Eye Evaluations

We are experts at taking dilated eye exams to help determine whether our client has diabetic retinopathy. A detailed retinal evaluation usually follows it up.

Eye Allergy Management

Itching, burning, and watery eyes are the common signs of allergy. Learn more about your eye allergies with our experts. We will guide you on the symptoms and triggers of your eye and what to do to seek care.

Cataract And LASIK Surgery Management

We are experts in cataract and LASIK surgery management. Our team has helped thousands of individuals enhance their vision through comprehensive examinations and treatments. Each eye is unique, so every client gets a customized plan that caters to their vision requirements.

Dry Eye Management

Several treatment options can ease the symptoms of dry eyes. We evaluate and create a treatment plan best suited to your needs.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma management involves the ongoing treatment and monitoring of the condition to prevent or slow down the progression of damage to the optic nerve. Regular eye examinations and follow-up appointments are essential for effective management of glaucoma.

Surgical Co-Management

Eye surgical co-management refers to the collaborative approach between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist overseeing the pre-operative and post-operative care of a patient undergoing eye surgery.